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Creative Well-being


We offer a choice of creative introduction to meditation workshops for schools and youth groups.

These are also appropriate for teenagers and adults and can be particularly helpful for teens and adults with mild mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

A half day session will typically consist of:

  • A demonstration of the shadow puppets

  • A brief discussion about how mindfulness can help you to cope better with anxiety and depression.

       This is not a therapy session, but will hopefully give the children or young people some tools to help them deal with          what life throws at them in a new way.

  • A short mindful breathing meditation

  • Shadow puppet making 

  • Performance The group will be divided into two and each will take turns to watch and to perform a short piece which illustrates mindful breathing and building positive images of ourselves.


My safe space:  A Creative Introduction to Visualisation.

After being guided in a short visualisation meditation the group will be asked to create an object or a feeling from their meditation as a simple shadow puppet, then their puppets will be shown one by one on the screen with music.

This can work well and be adapted for children of all ages and adults.

(Hannah also teaches mindful drawing and other creative well-being workshops).

A full day workshop is also available for a more expansive and in depth look at the subject.

Prices vary according to group size.

Hannah is a BA Hons graduate in Illustration and qualified teacher of :

Mindfulness, Resilience and Well-being Coach for Schools (post graduate accredited   and CTHA approved course)

and  a Teacher of Mindfulness and Well-being (an accredited and CTHA approved course).

She also has certificates in:

Protective Behaviours and Child Protection courses (with Safety Net).

Charlotte is a professional folk musician and experienced primary school teacher.

Please contact us to find out more 

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