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We are Charlotte and Hannah

We met at the Brighton School of Puppetry and are based in East Sussex.

Our rich backgrounds in puppetry, arts, performance poetry, music and workshop leading combine to bring you exciting and beautiful puppet shows and puppet making workshops.

Charlotte was previously a Primary School teacher for 11 years. As well as being a part of Shadow Cabinet Puppetry she is a professional  musician and singer/songwriter and performs magic lantern shows with the group Pepper's Ghost in museums and other venues.  

Hannah has a degree in illustration  and is qualified to teach mindfulness and resilience to

children and adults,(also has certificates in Child Protection and Protective Behaviours), she loves to sing and dance. 

We both have experience of working with and leading workshops for people with learning disabilities and physical disabilities, as well as children and the elderly.

Shadow puppetry is a wonderful art form for people of all ages and abilities, our workshops and performances often include live original folk style music using concertina, psaltery and voice amongst other instruments.